Avast Free Antivirus Ideal For PC Users Seeking Security

Computer users on a budget seeking a reliable antivirus tool can opt for Avast free antivirus software. Now in its 7th iteration, this free PC security software offers decent real-time malware protection and added features for security-conscious users.

While it is imperative to use a system security tool for protection against malware, not everyone needs commercial antivirus apps. There are a handful of free antivirus software apps that offer robust protection from various types of malware.

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Avast Free edition antivirus may lack some sophisticated and additional features offered by commercial antivirus apps, but it does the basic job rather well. The new version has a new installer that it is quite simple to run. The installer identifies already installed real-time protection antivirus apps and offers the user an option called “second line of defense “ to use the free version in parallel.

The security app can be installed on computers running Windows XP and later versions. It has modest system requirements, and even users with older machines would not have a problem using Avast 7. The size of the installer is less than 74 MB.

Features And Performance: Avast Gets The Basics Right

The application interface in Avast Antivirus 7 has got a facelift. However, Avast free antivirus will look familiar to old time users. Like many of its competitors, Avast 7 now offers cloud service and reputation services. This helps in reducing the amount of so called false positives in scan reports.

In this version, the new streamed update has been implemented as the team wants to deliver numerous definition updates every day. Users can always configure the Avast cloud service as per their requirements. As expected, there are various scan settings including a customized scan. There is a feature named “Protection Status” which informs users of the individual condition of all Real-Time shields.

When it comes to virus detection and removal performance, Avast 7 puts up a respectable show. It effectively blocks a majority of malware and succeeds in eliminating many detected threats. Very few malwares caught by Avast free antivirus need healing or removal through a system reboot.

Baggage Of Free Edition App

While Avast 7 free edition works rather well as a standalone antivirus, the users are prodded a little too much to upgrade to the feature-rich Internet security version. Unlike other manufacturers, Avast updates the free version with the same frequency as the commercial product. For that reason its features are adequate for average users. The Avast Free antivirus package can be downloaded here.

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What Comes With The Pro Version

For demanding users, Avast offers a Pro version which has a licensing fee. It has everything that the free edition offers. Besides, users of Avast Pro edition get full-scale virtualization and a command-line scanner. In addition, the Pro version includes a browser sandbox called "Avast safe zone" for secure online banking and a safe environment for isolated execution of suspicious programs. This version also integrates well with Microsoft Outlook plug-ins and offers enhanced stability. A 30 day fully functional Avast Pro Antivirus trail version can be found here.

What Comes with the Internet Security Version

Users who look for an all in one security suite find in the Avast Internet Security version a comprehensive solution. The fee based internet security version includes all features of the Avast Free and Avast Pro version. It also has an anti-phishing filter to identify phishing attempts and an integrated firewall that can be controlled directly from the user interface. You can get a 30 day fully functional trail version of the Avast Internet Security version here.

Regardless if you have an antivirus solution already installed on your computer or not. The installation of Avast Free Antivirus (as standalone antivirus solution or as a second line of defense) is recommended in any case.

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