AVG Antivirus Freeware

AVG AntiVirus Freeware, the award winning virus removal software is available free of charge for private, non-commercial and single home computer use.

Besides being extremely easy to use, more importantly it provides top notch free protection against malware, related threats and much more with fairly low system resource requirements owing to. The latest version, possibly the most fully featured free product released when compared with its predecessors, comes with smart performance technology which reduces scan times.

Getting Started

AVG AntiVirus Freeware is easily available from download from leading websites, there have been dramatic changes which is evident from the fact that there has been significant reduction in the installer's size.

During the installation, you get to choose whether you would like to install the browser toolbar and SafeSearch which have been designed to protect your privacy online. AVG's toolbar gives ratings on the safety levels of the current webpage, the toolbar is now the home of 'Do Not Track' feature which detects and blocks tracking links on a webpage.

With so much said, the installation completes within 5 minutes, no reboot is required and you ready for your first scan!

User Interface

AVG AntiVirus Freeware's interface with tile-like buttons has been optimized for Windows 8. When opened for the first time, a window comes up with links to the new 24/7 telephone support, the Android app and a tutorial on getting started, a nice way to get newcomers onboard.

The main interface is neat with features easily navigable and accessible. The top right gives accessible links to Reports, Support, and Options list. The main screen has a protection status notification, green is for safe and red denotes unsafe.

There are several rows that house few features, for example, the first row gives access to core security options - Computer, Web Browsing, Identity, E-mails, and Firewall. The second row gives access to AVG's performance optimizer, parental controls, and the backup service LiveKive. The third row contains buttons to initiate scanning and another one to update virus definition files.


  • AVG AntiVirus Freeware offers a set of effective security tools that ensure safety of your computer. Features such as sophisticated rootkit detection and removal; basic e-mail and identity protection are available in addition to the expected antivirus, anti-malware detection and removal engine.

  • The “smart scanning” and the new file reputation system makes use of AVG's behavioral detection network to scan known safe files once, and rescan them only if changes are detected. This approach leads to dramatic increase in scanning speed.

  • There's also a built-in system resource manager to prioritize scans, if a scan is scheduled to begin while the computer is in use, the resource manager will automatically restrict the scan so that it runs more slowly. When it detects that usage is low or when computer is idle, more power will be allocated to the scan. All in all a better management of the resources at disposal.

  • An extra goodie worthy of a mention is the Do Not Track add-on introduced in a previous version is privacy protection tool that prevents tracking from ad networks or other notorious websites. With the current version it has a new home, it is now integrated into AVG toolbar.

  • Also included is the full-fledged LinkScanner safe search and surf technology (it is actually a separate product) that aims to protect your online experience. LinkScanner's Search-Shield analyzes search results and indicates whether the website is safe to visit. Surf-Shield scans the content web pages behind every link. Improvements have been incorporated in the latest version to watch out for more dynamic webpage code and keep you safe from harmful websites.

  • The PC Analyzer though restricted in use in this free version includes a disk defragmenter, a broken-shortcut cleaner and scans for Registry and disk errors.

  • Optimized for Windows 8 but still compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

  • More frequent automatic updates to provide optimal protection.

  • Access to free 24/7 technical support.

Few Drawbacks

  • Several rooms for improvements in the installer, for example during installation the browser is forcibly closed.

  • AVG Toolbar, when installed installs itself as a toolbar in all compatible browsers present in your system. It even changes the default search engine to be used by the browser, reverting to a search engine of your choice can sometimes be difficult.

What's Included In The Paid Version

The paid version, AVG AntiVirus 2013 has several fully functional and distinguishing features such as a Wi-Fi Guard which alerts users when they are getting into unknown WiFi networks. The PC Analyzer comes without restrictions.

Also included is the Social networking protection feature which checks links that get exchanged over social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Bottom Line

AVG AntiVirus Freeware offers excellent and effective tools for keeping your computer safe. This software is one of the best-known names in Windows security, if you are in search for free antivirus protections then you might want to consider this software.

AVG Antivirus Freeware


Supported OS


Microsoft Windows XP (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Vista (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 7 (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 8 (32- & 64 bit)

Hardware Requirements

CPU Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster

512 MB RAM (Windows XP)

1024 MB RAM (Windows Vista, 7 & 8)

1200 MB free disk space

Supported Languages






Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)










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