Why Use Avira Free

Avira Free is a top notch Antivirus software capable of removing and providing comprehensive protection against latest variants of malware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses, worms.

This award winning free antivirus software with excellent malware detection rates has been a recipient of positive reviews conducted by independent and leading security experts, software testing centers.

Getting Started

With no forms to fill up, the free Avira software is fairly easy to download, more importantly, the installation wizard is possibly the simplest amongst major antivirus software. Its installation process checks for presence of competing security applications and remove them.

During installation, there's an option to install Avira's WebGuard, an additional layer of protection that prevents users from downloading malicious code. A quick scan is conducted by the antivirus as soon as installation is over. Let’s now take a look at its interface and features.

User Interface

Avira Free's interface is simple and even looks similar to other antivirus software, this is particularly helpful for those switching over to this antivirus. There are traditional menus and the application does not look bad in Windows 7.

The main interface is the Status window, its the dashboard giving an overview of the current status, a green check box indicates safe, whereas yellow indicates either certain features are disabled. Red check box indicates something requires your immediate attention.

There's a navigation panel on the left hand side, options have been grouped under categories. This is where you can initiate the scanner or look into the quarantine, check reports.


The current version of Avira Free has innovative features, several enhancements such as improvements in scanning speed, less memory overhead, smarter detection, better disinfection rate, support for Windows 8 and much more.

  • The system scanner has several built-in profiles which is akin to selecting specific drives or folders to scan, moreover its possible to create shortcuts of the profile on the desktop for quick scan initiation. There's a built-in dedicated profile to scan for rootkits and active malware.

  • The latest version also comes with support for scanning locked files. The Hosts file is protected by default too.

  • The resident Virus Guard offers real-time protection, monitors file movements. For example, it keeps a watch on file being downloaded from the Internet. It sits in the system tray, a mouse-over on it displays the status of modules.

  • Integrates well with Avira Free SocialShield that helps applying parental control and monitor kids on over 50 social networking platforms.

  • Administrator can apply password protection to protect against unauthorized changes to antivirus configuration and/or to thwart attempts to disable real-time protection.

  • The virus definition file and protection engine by default checks for updates every six hours.

  • Simpler administration with possibilities to define and customize to the desired security levels. Toggle buttons are available to easily On-off features.

  • Scans may be scheduled as jobs with possibilities of manual start and stop of jobs.

  • A relatively newer addition has been protection for its registry keys along with protection for files, folders belonging to the antivirus.

  • Less memory foot-print, scanner has been optimized for multiprocessor systems.

  • Easy and quick access to the quarantined files, reports, event details.

  • Avira toolbar adds extra security goodies such as Do Not Track Plus tracking, ad blocker, Web site reputation adviser, social networking protection. WebGuard, the safe-surfing component aggressively detects websites that could be hosting malware.

  • Abundance of free support can be availed by interacting with users in the support forum or searching for solutions in the knowledge base. Experts may be hired for paid support. Users of Avira toolbar have access to 'Experts Market', a platform providing crowdsourced tech support wherein users can charge fees for their expertise.

Some Drawbacks

  • Avira Free users have to constantly deal with annoying advertisement pop-ups which come up with an aim to persuade users to purchase the premium version. These pop-ups are sometimes cumbersome to close in small screen monitors.

  • Though minor but nevertheless significant, content sensitive help is missing and help features are only accessible via menu options.

  • While several advancements have been made to the detection capabilities, false positives still exist.

  • Features are sometimes disabled, that could be due to the fact that they are not available in the free version or have been disabled by the user. The interface could be improved to show tooltips to display why the feature or section is disabled.

Bottom Line

This is arguably amongst the most lightweight security suites. While the free version has limited features when compared with its premium counterpart, they share similar scanning and detection capabilities. It is overall an effective security solution for individuals.

Avira Free


Supported OS


Microsoft Windows XP (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 7 (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 8 (32- & 64 bit)

Hardware Requirements

CPU Intel Pentium 1 GHz or better

512 MB RAM (Windows XP)

1024 MB RAM (Windows 7 & Windows 8)

150 MB free disk space

Supported Languages


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