Best PC Backup Software To Safeguard Important Data

A large number of computer users look for the best PC Backup software and there are very good reasons for it. Learn more in this article.

In today's digital age, our reliance on computers has increased to a great extent, we depend on our computers for almost everything. Our computers are used to store all kinds of information – personal and financial data, important files, music and movie collection. This means we must take precautionary measures to ensure that our data is safe and available whenever we need it to be.

Despite our best intentions and implemented precautions, loss of data can take place unexpectedly. Electrical snags and failure of the hard disk can result in data corruption and loss. Losing personal collection of music or movies collected over the years with great effort can be extremely painful. Similarly, advanced computer users and businesses will suffer greatly if they lose sensitive company files and documents.

A PC Backup software is a system utility software that can safeguard our data from virus attacks, data theft, hardware and software failures. Such an application works silently in the background and keeps saving data on various mediums without disrupting work.

Choosing the right PC backup software

With so many backup options available it’s tough to neglect these special applications. In order to find the best PC Backup software, it is important to know the mandatory features which should be present in such an application.

With the advancements in technology modern data backup suites offer many customization and filter-based data backup options. For example, it’s possible to define which folders should be backed up, likewise its also possible to preserve older versions of files so that previous versions can be referred to when required.

1. Backup methods which must be supported -

  • Complete backup: Contains system images (copies of programs, files etc.) or a logical backup (database schema objects) from one or more points in time. Often used to record known good configurations.
  • Incremental backup: An incremental backup eliminates the need to store duplicate copies of unchanged data by storing increments of change between points in time.
  • Differential backup: In this strategy, data that changed since the most recent full backup is backed up.

2. Recovery options – It should be easy to recover from failures and restore computers to an earlier state. Its essential that recovered files and folders must maintain the original file and folder organization.

3. A capable data backup suite should offer manual as well as automatic and manual backup methods. It should be possible to schedule backups.

4. For greater safety of data, the software should allow saving backups on variety of mediums including USB drive, external hard drive, CD or DVD and also cloud-based backups.

5. Impact on system's resources – Backup is a resource intensive activity and if executed during normal computer usage might hamper the performance of your system. So it important to identify the ones which do not consume much system resources.

6. Help and support options – Existing documentation and user manuals give an indication of the software, all good programs have well maintained help guides and related documentation. In case if help is required, it should be quick and easy to get in touch with an expert.

Some of the best PC backup software

  • Nova Backup – An award winning software which provides peace of mind and more importantly takes good care of our data. With easy to use backup wizards and efficient use of storage space, this application is available with 30-day money guarantee promise.
  • Acronis TrueImage – A powerful file backup application with rich set of features. A special feature is the 'Nonstop PC backup' which keeps a copy of every file that has changed. Thanks to the cloud storage option, files are always available and accessible from all devices. A fully functional version is available for 30 day test drive.
  • Comodo Backup – A free tool which supports variety of storage media and flexible scheduling. It comes with 5 GB free online storage space for each user, with options to upgrade to 250 GB for $9.99 per month.
  • Genie Backup Manager – An effective and simple to use backup software with all standard options. It does not hog too many resources and the 'battery saving mode' is a big plus in which backups are minimized when laptop is running on batteries. There's a free trial available and one license cost of $49.95.
  • Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition – Has backup and disaster recovery features that enables a quick recovery and reduction in downtime. It has free trial available and you can always try before you buy.

Final thoughts

It does not take a natural disaster to ruin our systems. Everyone, from a casual computer user to a hardcore network administrator needs protection and they must not settle for anything but the best PC backup software.

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