Top-5 Best Registry Cleaner
Software of 2013

Find the best registry cleaner software in the article below and learn more about your computer registry.

What is Registry and why is it important to keep it safe and secure?

In the most non-technical terms, the registry can be defined as the backbone of a Windows computer. Windows registry being the central point is often an attractive target for hackers who in past have exploited several vulnerabilities found in it. Registry cleaner software scans, cleans and organizes the registry thereby making it less prone to attacks.

A technical definition of registry would go something like this: registry is the central hierarchical database that stores information regarding your system settings, network settings, software, and hardware. The registry can be hacked to control the entire operating system, to cause instability which in some cases might cause irreparable damage.

What makes the Registry disorganized and vulnerable to attacks?

Frequent installations and uninstalls of applications take its toll on the registry. Very often uninstallers do not remove all its entries from the registry - sometimes on purpose to create an opening for attackers or may be due to negligence on the part of the developers who wrote that application.

Listed below are some common symptoms which indicate that using the best registry cleaner software may be the need of the hour :

  • Frequent system crashes or freeze ups
  • Delay in system startup and shut down
  • Blue Screen of Death errors
  • DLL errors
  • ActiveX errors
  • EXE errors
  • Unresponsiveness and slowness

What is a Registry Cleaner and how does it work?

An organized and healthy registry is must for smooth and secure functioning of our PC. Registry cleaner is a program that automatically removes invalid, redundant information from the Windows registry and keeps it organized.

While there are numerous registry cleaners with varying capabilities, most of them have the same working model. The best registry cleaner software provides additional features such as registry defrag, memory tweaker and more useful tools. They use advance algorithms to deep scan the registry and remove redundant, unwanted information present in it.

When purchasing a registry cleaner, keep the following things in mind:

  • The software should be compatible with your version of Windows.
  • The software should be reliable with strong base of existing and satisfied users.
  • The software should ideally provide useful additional features.
  • The software should not use too much system resources.
  • The software should have a decent documentation and should offer some sort of help and support options.
  • The software should be able undo any changes that it has applied.

The 5 Best Registry Cleaner Software of 2013

All registry cleaners are not equal, some are invariably better than others. If you are thinking of purchasing one, I recommend you to check out the below-listed registry cleaning software, as they all have consistently received positive reviews.

  • Registry EasyAn amazingly powerful registry cleaner, Registry Easy is also very easy to use. Experts and users alike consider it to be among the top registry cleaners.
  • WiseFixerA powerful registry cleaner, WiseFixer offers superior performance, well backed by exceptionally professional customer service.
  • Smart PC Fixer An easy-to-use and a no-nonsense registry cleaner, Smart PC Fixer can weed out almost all redundant information stuck in your registry.
  • RegTOOL It is a decent registry cleaner which comes loaded with a number of useful features such as Memory Tweaker, Windows Optimizer, and Backup & Restore Option.
  • Error FixAt push of a button, Error Fix improves the health of your registry and the performance of your PC. It is, without a doubt, among the best registry cleaner software available.

Bottom Line

There is no escaping from the fact that registry is the most vital component of Windows operating system. It is due to this fact that the best registry cleaner software goes is a must have tool in our stable of security software.

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