Botnet Protection Measures
PC Users Can Adopt

Botnet protection is becoming more important everyday. With computer technology advancing at breakneck speeds, PC users need to safeguard their computers from botnets and various other malware threats.

Standalone malware and viruses are not considered as big a threat as botnets or networks of infected computers. The discovery of several such networks in various parts of the world has prompted PC security firms to step up protection measures. Since botnets operate stealthily, it often takes users months to realize that their computers have become a part of such clandestine cybercrime syndicates.

botnet protection

PC users should be aware about effective measures to stop botnet attacks. Botnet infected PCs are used to commit various online crimes like monetary fraud, spamming, and launch infamous DDos attacks.

In most instances, owners of these infected PCs remain unaware of such activities. PC users who find their computers acting up unexpectedly and face restricted online access should check their PCs thoroughly for botnet infections.

Hackers who operate this network of zombie computers use various measures to evade detection by regular PC antivirus suites. This makes botnet detection harder for average PC users. However, by using effective botnet protection measures, the chances of infection can be minimized.

  • Keep your PC operating system and apps up to date as botnet attacks often make use of known vulnerabilities. Applying vendor patches as soon as they become available reduce the risk of a botnet infection. Therefore activate the auto update function of your operating system and use a vulnerability scanner app to monitor your locally installed programs.
  • Install a personal firewall on your computer, regardless if your Internet router is equipped with a firewall or not. This way you cannot only control which inbound and outbound communication is allowed but also which programs are authorized to do so. Personal firewalls identify unexpected communication and bring them to the PC user’s attention.
  • Say no to unknown programs. PC users who want to keep botnets at bay should not download unknown programs from untrusted sources. Stay away from any kind of pirated software just to save some money as these apps are often used to spread botnet apps and other kinds of malware across the Internet.
  • Restrict your browser's capabilities. Java, Javascript and Adobe’s Flashplayer are great tools to extend Internet functionality. Unfortunately these tools are often abused to infect PCs with botnet malware through drive by download attacks. Therefore change your browser's security policy in such a way that only selected websites may present you this type of content. If you are not interested in restricting selected websites consider to execute your browser from scratch in an isolated environment by using apps like Sandboxie or by using free CD based live systems like Knoppix.
  • Handle provided emails and links with care. Regardless if you received them from friends or strangers be aware at all times that they may mark the beginning of a botnet attack.

Immediate Steps Users Should Take Upon Botnet Detection

Upon detecting a botnet infection, a PC user should perform some effective steps to address the problem. The affected PC should first be disconnected from Internet. If the owner has an antivirus rescue disk, it should be used to clean and disinfect the computer. It would be wise to install a more effective security suite to clean a botnet-infected PC.

Thereafter, the vulnerable programs installed on the PC should be updated with the latest patches. Programs like PDF readers, Flash, etc. should be updated to their latest versions. Needless to say, Windows security updates and service packs should be installed depending on the operating system version.

Users can consider using commercial antivirus suites that offer inbuilt botnet protection. Using one antivirus program with real-time protection is recommended, since choosing multiple security suites with active real-time protection actually not only lowers the level of effective protection but often leads to computer system crashes.

Apart from that, updating the antivirus suite regularly and staying updated on the latest security threats can prove to be helpful. Users should always discard an expired or partially-functioning antivirus.

Using Specialized Tools To Fight Botnet Armies

botnet protection de-cleaner

Botnet-weary PC users can resort to specialized malware cleaning tools. One such example is the free DE-Cleaner tool offered by Anti-Botnet. Powered by leading security firm technologies, these apps offer superior botnet protection to Windows PC users.

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