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Comodo Free Firewall, the very highly rated award winning FREE firewall protects your Windows based computer from viruses, malware, hackers, intruders and various other forms of Internet attacks.

With an easy to use interface and intuitive configuration options that would suit both amateurs as well as power users, this security software is extremely effective against hackers and intruders. In order to provide optimal protection, it relies on a special technique known as Default Deny Protection (DDP).

DDP is an advanced and smarter way of detecting malware. While most security tools maintain a list of known malicious software and refer that list to decide if the unknown program be allowed access, Comodo Free Firewall in order to ensure 'water tight' security employs a unique approach.

In case if the unknown application is missing in the list, this firewall then refers to a comprehensive list of over two million PC-friendly applications. If the application is missing here too, then the user is immediately notified and alerted of possible presence of malware.

Getting Started

Comodo Free Firewall is readily available for download. Installation is pretty much straightforward. The software comes bundled with extra goodies such as Comodo Geek Buddy, Comodo SecureDNS, Comodo Dragon Web Browser and you get an option to choose whether you would like to install them.

1. Comodo Geek Buddy is online technical support that is available round the clock, users can chat with Comodo's support technicians and get remote assistance such as Virus diagnosis, PC fine tuning, Software installation and much more.

2. Comodo SecureDNS uses Comodo's array of redundant DNS servers which provide safe, reliable, faster Internet experience along with minimizing your exposure to DNS cache poisoning attacks.

3. Comodo Dragon Web Browser is a web browser based on Chromium technology, it possesses all features of Chrome plus superior online privacy protection capabilities. System reboot is required to complete the installation.

Salient Features

Let's take a look at the feature set of Comodo Free Firewall to decide if it is suitable for your security needs.

  • The Default Deny Protection features ensure prevention based security thus allowing only trusted and safe applications to get executed.
  • Tighter application control and real-time protection ensures only trusted applications are allowed to run.
  • The built-in Auto Sandbox Technology provides a virtual environment for untrusted programs, such untrusted applications execute under a minimal set of privileges. Once the untrusted programs are confirmed to be harmless, they are allowed to execute as normal programs. This approach provides insulation from malicious software and a secure user experience.
  • The firewall leverages cloud based data for behavior analysis which helps prevent attacks and detect zero-day malware.
  • The application settings are easy to configure and customize, allows addition of custom 'allow' rules for trusted applications.
  • Uncluttered and intuitive user interface allows access to bird's-eye view of current security settings.
  • Some good news for gamers, while in the 'Game mode', the firewall suppresses alerts, scheduled scans and other notifications to help maintain smooth gaming experience.
  • The current latest version includes options for context-sensitive help in relevant screens.

What Makes Comodo Different?

  • The most important and significant benefit is that you get top-notch protection for FREE, it is the only firewall with DDS technology.
  • This firewall has consistently been a top performer in independent security tests conducted by experts.
  • It learns quickly to provide personalized protection and peace of mind by monitoring connections, blocking sophisticated attacks all with smooth online experience.
  • Support options available via chat, email, phone.

Bottom Line

Comodo Free Firewall is an impressive firewall; it provides highest levels of security and does a great job of making PCs invisible to hackers. The continuous good detection rates in independent tests are a testimony to its effectiveness. In case if you are still stuck with using the default Windows based firewall then you might probably like to consider keeping this firewall in your first line of defense.

Comodo Free Firewall


Supported OS


Microsoft Windows XP (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Vista (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 7 (32- & 64 bit)

Microsoft Windows 8 (32- & 64 bit)

Hardware Requirements

CPU Intel 386 or better

152 MB additional free RAM

400 MB free disk space

Supported Languages






Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)













Password protected setup

Configuration exportable

Integrated Webfilter

Parental Control


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Official Support Forum







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