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A computer virus encyclopedia is a great source to refer to in case a virus or malware infects your computer.

Such sites help you learn important information about malware, especially the following things about them:

  • The level of damage different malware cause. The ratings usually range from Very High to Very Low.
  • The capability of different malware to spread themselves. The ratings usually range from Very High to Very Low.
  • Detailed information about different malware. Only some virus encyclopedias provide this information.
  • History of different malware. This information is not listed on all virus encyclopedias.
  • Removal advice. Only some virus encyclopedias provide this information

While most users refer to these encyclopedias only when they become a victim of virus infection, it is better to be aware of the names of the best virus encyclopedias beforehand. This way you can avoid wasting time and energy locating information about a computer virus in case of an infection. 

So, before I share with you the best computer virus encyclopedia, I recommend you to save this list, or better, bookmark them in your browser.

Top 4 Virus Encyclopedias

1. Bitdefender Virus Encyclopedia  – This virus encyclopedia gives you the following information:

  • The level of damage a virus can cause
  • The capability of a virus to spread itself
  • The date on which the virus was first discovered

To locate information about a virus, you can either use the embedded Search function or search manually by clicking the first alphabet of virus name.

2. Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia – Another great computer virus encyclopedia, Trend Micro, provides you information about malware, spam, malicious URLs, and vulnerabilities. This site provides you following information about a malware:

  • Advisory Date
  • Overall Risk Rating
  • Pattern Version

To locate information about a virus, simply paste its name in the box below Search Threat Encyclopedia (located in the left-hand side column), and press the Go button.

3. ESET Threat Encyclopedia – Selected malware are sorted alphabetically on this site. The best thing about ESET Threat Encyclopedia is that it gives detailed information about listed malware. Besides other information, this site provides the following important information about malware:

  • Short description about malware
  • Installation overview, that is, how does a particular malware install itself
  • The files it creates
  • The applications in whose folders malware installs additional files
  • The files malware drops
  • The registry entries created by malware

4. F-secureThis virus encyclopedia provides information about only the latest threats. Its advantage, however, is that explains how a malware works and provides information regarding its removal and prevention. You can find the following information here:

  • Summary
  • Prevention & Disinfection
  • Sample Analysis. This feature is useful when you suspect a file has been incorrectly identified as malware
  • Additional Details

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