Computer Virus Symptoms
Not To Ignore

Computer virus symptoms are not always easy to recognize. We all got used to having occasional problems with our PC and this has caused a certain indifference towards signs that indicate our computer might be infected by a virus or a different type of malware.

Part of this indifference is the result of a false sense of security. Many PC users think their machine is fully protected and believe they can escape all of today's internet safety hazards. However, it is important to understand that even the best security software cannot give you a 100 percent guarantee that your PC will stay safe forever.

You must never stop educating yourself about malware and computer safety and don't take things for granted. Staying alert is a matter of most importance.

Here's a list of possible computer virus symptoms.

  • The computer is slower than usual.
  • It reacts no longer and freezes often without a particular reason.
  • Your computer's operating system (OS) crashed and restarts in cycles
  • Your operating system does not start
  • The OS reboots unexpectedly and behaves different than usual
  • Applications that functioned well previously suddenly do not work correctly anymore
  • Storage media or drives are no longer available without an obvious reason
  • Specific elements are not printed correctly
  • You receive unusual application or system error messages
  • A strange looking menu and dialog windows are shown
  • Recently opened attachments get a double name extension like .jpg, .vbs, .gif or .exe
  • Your antivirus software has been deactivated for unknown reasons and cannot be restarted
  • An antivirus software product cannot be installed on your computer or will not start
  • Your desktop shows new program links or icons that have not been created by you or by a previously executed software installation routine
  • Your PC speakers randomly play sounds or music of which the source is not clear
  • A program disappears from your computer without being uninstalled by you
  • Folders have suddenly disappeared
  • Your internet connection symbol blinks although no related apps are running
  • Your friends inform you that they have received strange emails from your email address which you haven't sent
  • Your firewall informs you that an application wants to connect to the internet which has not been started by yourself
  • You notice that your hard disk has been accessed when you're not aware of any programs running
  • Your web browser reacts strange.

When you encounter one of the above computer virus symptoms, the first thing you should do is check your security software, if possible. Is you antivirus software up-to-date? If not, make sure it is. Also, let your software product run a complete system scan. In this article you will find a full list of measurements that you should take.

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