Trend Micro Hijack This For Optimum Spyware Protection

Hijack This, free PC security software from Trend Micro, is a worthy solution for anyone who wants to detect malware and spyware programs.

It is not only computer viruses that PC users need to safeguard themselves from these days. Hackers and malware creators have now devised newer ways to spread worms and malicious apps. There are various malware and spyware programs that creep into computers by evading antivirus protection. To detect such malware that operate and invade stealthily, users need specialized apps.

hijack this - free pc security software

While there are several spyware and malware detection tools available in the market, Hijack This analyzer offers comprehensive protection from malware variants. It is particularly useful for users who need security apps with detailed settings and scan provisions. The program scores over regular malware removal tools in that it combines several manual malware removal provisions. PC users can use this tool for free since Trend Micro has made its source code available to developers. While developers can add their modifications to the core, Trend Micro will update the original version periodically.

Usability And Capabilities Of Hijack This

With this freeware system security app, computer users can get detailed reports of registry settings periodically. Therefore, they can be aware of changes made in the registry. The tool presents users with detailed scan results from which they can remove specific items. At times, removing items from its scan results can trigger system instability because some scan result items may not actually be malware.

PC users who have a messed up operating system registry can use this tool. This program has a Spartan interface compared to other spyware detection and removal tools. However, using the app is rather straightforward, and even first time users will get used to it easily. In the program’s main menu, users can perform a thorough system scan and access the hijack this log file.

The results of the scan might look a little cryptic at first glance but can be explained by clicking the info button in the app. Here you will also get recommendations how to deal with particular found settings. If you still don’t know what to do, you can save the results to a log file.

The Hijack This program has a great community which supports you in interpreting individual scan results if you provide your log file (available forums can be found here). If you want to analyze the results on your own I strongly recommend that you take a look at the great tutorial from This comprehensive tutorial is available in several languages and explains common tasks in an understandable way.

One good thing about the app is that it does not hog system resources while scanning the system. Users will not face system slowdowns while using the software. The tool can be used in Windows 98 and later operating system versions.

Things Users Need To Be Careful About

While this app is ideal for registry fixes, users should take backups of data or set system restore points before fixing items found by its scan results. This program does not segregate files that are integral to the functioning of operation system core, which is a tad inconvenient.

With this Trend Micro tool, backing up crucial registry entries is done in the background. It offers some additional tools like ADS Spy, Uninstall Manager, and Process Manager.

It comes in two versions. The installer based version of Hijack This can be downloaded here from the Trend Micro Website. A standalone version can be created if you copy the HiJackThis.exe from your local installation to an external device.

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