All About The Best Security Software And Optimal Internet Safety

What's the best security software for your pc? How do you achieve optimal Internet safety? And what might happen if you neglect computer security?

The answers to these questions (and a whole lot more) can be found on this website, designed and written for home pc users.

Best security software and internet safety

Internet safety should be a top priority for anyone using a computer. Nowadays, most businesses realize they should look for solid protection even when it is arguable what solid really means.

Unfortunately, millions of home pc users still don't seem to care so much. Many are unaware of the risks they take when simply clicking a link on a web page. Or they open every e-mail they receive even when the sender is a complete stranger.

Others do not renew the subscription of their antivirus program – not knowing that even the best security software only works well if kept up-to-date.

Yet, the hazards of the Internet are numerous and computers criminals rarely separate home users from businesses when choosing their victims.

Every year millions of people lose a huge amount of money because of identity theft and it's often the Internet where identities are stolen. This alone could result in dramatic situations that take you (and your family, if you have one) long to recover from. And while not every pc virus causes identity theft, it is important to understand that almost every computer virus is designed to damage your pc and might destroy valuable files that are saved on your hard disk.

A solid security software package can save you a lot of trouble.

I created this website to show you what's the best software for your pc and to tell you about anything related to home computer security and related issues.

Having worked as a computer expert for many years, and being passionate about computers in general, I want to share my 30 years accumulated computer knowledge and explain to you what you should do AND what you should avoid. All in layman's terms: security is for everyone, not just for nerds :-)

Please note that, with hundreds of new viruses every day, not even the best security software can guarantee 100 percent safety, but you are taking a much bigger risk by NOT protecting yourself. Internet safety should be on top of your list!

Below is a table of contents with a selection of topics you can read about on this site. I hope you will find the answer to the question that brought you here.

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