List Of Computer Viruses That Wreaked Havoc Worldwide

Looking for a list of computer viruses? No matter how cautious computer users are, malware creators seem to find new ways to make powerful viruses and spread them.

Mydoom and Sasser worm

The list of viruses that appeared during the phase cannot be complete without the mention of Mydoom. Also known as Shimpagi, this was a virus that exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. Noticed for the first time in January 2004, it was the quickest spreading email virus that was suspected to be related to the Mimail worm, and was named by noted security suite provider, McAfee.

Between 2000 and 2010, PC users were affected by some of the most harmful and potent malware programs. Windows 2000 and XP users were hit by the Sasser worm, which used loopholes in both OS kernels. It used a vulnerable network port to affect computers, which ensured that the worm could spread without any manual intervention. However, a Microsoft update was released to stop its march. Often found in many a list of computer viruses affecting Windows, Sasser had surfaced in 2004.

Conficker And Melissa: The Viruses That Ravaged Windows Pcs

A majority of viruses were created to attack Windows computers. However, a few can match the extent of damage caused by Conflicker and Melissa. The former appeared in 2008 and compromised thousands of PCs worldwide. At the time, combating the worm became a nightmare due to its advanced infection techniques. It also had some variants that continued to haunt PC users until 2009.

The Melissa worm, also called Simpsons and Kwejeebo, was a macro virus that spread via the mass mailing technique. It cannot officially be termed a virus since it did not operate independently, but used programs like MS Word and MS Excel.

Back Orifice was a computer application that made it to the list of computer viruses and got blacklisted by security firms after its release. The hacker group that made it intended the program to exploit loopholes in Windows 98.

Jerusalem And Fu Manchu: Viruses That Hit Millions of PCS

Other notable PC viruses include Fu Manchu and Jerusalem. Jerusalem, a DOS based virus, first surfaced in Israel and infected nearly all executable files in Windows. Fu Manchu was based on Jerusalem, but without the harmful sections.

Brain, Bagle and Tschernobyl: Three More Deadly Worms

Brain, created in 1986, was the first MS-DOS worm, and it attacked the boot sector of a PC. Bagle was a mass mailing virus that affected several Windows OS versions. Its second strain was more harmful.

The Chernobyl worm, which is included in almost every list of computer viruses, erased vital system information and was made in Taiwan. It mostly affected Asian computer users.

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