7 Must Have Apps For Every PC User

Having certain must have apps installed and running on your computer is the surest way of safeguarding yourself from identity theft, viruses, irritating pop-ups, slow PC performance, sudden freezes, frequent errors and system crashes.

How do I choose these apps?

With so many different types of computer applications available, most for free, its challenging to select the one that would work for us. So how do you decide which one is vital for your PC’s health? I recommend you to use the following information that introduces you to essential security applications.

Essential security applications

If you are serious about not letting malicious programs enter your computer, these are must have apps for you:

1. Antivirus software – A computer virus is a malicious program which can delete or alter your files, damage your important data. Additionally, it can cause performance related issues and errors. You can protect your PC from such malicious programs by installing an antivirus software. Typically, an antivirus software runs as a background process and works as follows:

  • examines files to check for identified viruses matching definitions in its virus dictionary.
  • identifies suspecting behavior from a program that may point towards an virus infection.
  • in case if it suspects anything, then the antivirus tries to disinfect the suspect or places it in a quarantined location.

2. Antispyware software – Antivirus software though important have certain limitations too. The most prominent limitation being its inability to offer adequate protection against malware, spyware, rootkit, trojan horse. While inherently different, these malware programs have one thing common: they install themselves on our computers without our consent. An antispyware software is a specialist tool that protects and removes these malicious programs. These applications too run in the background and work as follows:

  • examining files to check for known spyware matching definitions in its malware dictionary
  • identifying suspecting behavior from a program that may point towards a malware infection
  • monitoring cookies of websites you visit against a database of identified malware

3. Firewall software – An important member of the must-have apps, a firewall software, in simplest terms, prevents unapproved inbound access from the Internet. It works like this:

  • Provides inbound protection – by blocking other people or programs on the Internet from accessing our computer stealthily.
  • Provides outbound protection – by blocking attempts made by unapproved locally-installed programs to transfer data over the Internet.

4. Password manager software – Unlike Firefox’s and Internet Explorer’s built-in password managers, third-party password manager software store our login information and password more securely by saving them in encrypted format. The password managers work for only those who know the master password. This minimizes the chances of losing sensitive data due to our personal mistakes or to programs such as spyware, trojans should they be hiding in your computer. As you can see, a password manager software that stores encrypted data is a vital must-have apps.

5. Vulnerability scanner software – Attackers generally determine the vulnerability of system and their proneness to attacks is by executing series of tests. A vulnerability scanner is a system utility that scans and assesses applications, browsers, computers and networks for weaknesses. If required, they check applications for overdue updates and may as well install the available upgrades to keep them secure.

6. Data backup software – An essential tool to regularly backup our data and provide easy recovery options to guard against data loss and other forms of cyber-attacks.

7. Web browser security Add-ons – You must also use certain web browser extension for added security. For instance, if you want to know the security rating of sites before you open them, download and install an add-on that provides this feature.

Bottom Line

Most of us are nowadays have been spending a significant portion of our lives online. During our time online, we are regularly exposed to such threats. While one app cannot take care of all aspects of security, optimal protection is provided if all of them work together. It is therefore essential that we install the must have apps to keep computers safe and secure.

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