Sandboxie: A Comprehensive Solution To Block Malware Entry

Sandboxie is particularly useful for computer users who use the web a lot and want enhanced protection from various malware types.

There are numerous options available for computer users who seek protection from virus and various other malware variants. Most of the computer malware are aimed at Windows users and they need to shell out some money every year buying antivirus or renewing the license of an existing system security app.

However, rather than fighting a virus or spyware that has infected a system, it makes sense to block the loopholes through which these can attack a computer. Sandboxie can help significantly in this scenario.

Sandboxie - free pc security software

With this security application installed, computer users can perform all online activities including browsing and downloading, without fear of any virus sneaking onto their systems.

This app runs all software programs installed on a computer through a simulated environment. As a result, no app can cause harm to the operating system core or important data stored on the computer.

Safe Browsing With Sandbox Mode

Users can be assured of safe browsing if they use this program. If any malicious software gets downloaded, it gets trapped in the sandbox environment. In short, web browsing is totally separated from Windows through Sandboxie.

The program is offered as shareware. First time users can try the app for one month without paying anything. However, after that period, they need to pay close to $20 to get full access to all its features and updates. It can be installed on computers running Windows XP and later versions.

In default settings, any activity performed in the virtual environment of this program is temporary. Closing the session eliminates all activities, thus eradicating any chances of infection. Users will have to specify if they want to make any permanent changes to a file. The application interface is not complex, and technologically-challenged users will be able to learn various commands easily.

Control All Applications- Literally

With this app, users can choose what app they want to run in simulation mode. Registered users can make browsers open in simulation mode by default. Trial version users, however, have to launch browsers through the app manually every time.

Where It Scores Over Rivals

With this program, you need not pay a renewal fee every year, which can be the case with regular security apps. It requires a single payment that entitles users to lifetime updates. The Help section on the website is not huge, but suffices for general users.

You can download the software here from the official website.

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